Welcome to 13th Green Mortgage! We are a full service mortgage company offering Texans the best possible options for anyone buying a new home or simply doing a re-finance on an existing home. We offer the most competitive rates no matter what your situation is. We are just one call away from your dream house while saving you hundreds of dollars.
The one call you can't afford NOT to make!!
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While most mortgage companies simply move the deal through, 13th Green Mortgage meticulously guides every step of the loan process, from origination, to closing, and every detail in between. Maybe it’s the little things, like always returning phone calls right away. Or maybe it’s our ability to quickly obtain a full loan commitment.

The bottom line, our unmatched level of personalized service can mean the difference in making the process of a loan go smoothly – and it’s that commitment to service that sets 13th Green Mortgage apart from any other mortgage company. The most successful real estate deals are built on a solid foundation.

13th Green Mortgage